Friday, 26 October 2007

Latest Hero Killed In The Drug War


Dear friends,

This message came today from Enrico Fletzer from Italy:

Perugia-Italy 12-23 October 2007


On Friday 12th of October Aldo Bianzino, a 44 years old man living
with his companion Roberta in Umbria, in the center of Italy, got
arrested because of a small cannabis plantation. According to the
report of Emanuele Giordana and Tiziana Guerrisi of /Lettera 22/ , an
Italian association of free journalists, they are taken to Perugia and
then to the prison.

On Saturday the lawyer on charge meets Aldo at 2.00 pm and tells
Roberta that Bianzino is well and he’s worried about her. But on the
next morning, Daniela a friend, is told to hurry to the jail. ”There
is a problem “ they tell her. The problem is that Aldo does not
breathe anymore and Roberta, visibly under shock, can not even see the
body. The clinical studies (ongoing) begin to confirm, some days
later, what everybody in the small community of friends of Aldo and
Roberta already fear.

According to the rumours there are massive brain and belly injuries,
maybe a couple of broken ribs , even though the body did not show
blood signs and bruises . “there is enough to last the first hasty
lecture of the death, caused by a heart trouble. The story of Aldo
Bianzino has contours that are obscure, to say it mildly, and the
attorney of Perugia has decided to open an inquiry entrusted to the
judge Giuseppe Petrazzini, responsible of the investigation that led
to the arrest of Aldo and Roberta.

Everything has started ten days ago.Aldo and Roberta are at Capanne,
a hamlet of Pietralunga, not far from Città di Castello (Perugia), as
the mobile squad arrests himand takes him to jail in Perugia with the
accusation of illegal detention of drugs. Heavy allegations : they
talk about 110 small plants and 15 envelops containing grass.
Revelations that leave incredulous every single person who knew Aldo
since a long time and _don’t believe that Aldo would cultivate hashish
to then resell it_ (sic!). Bianzino would have to meet the judge that
makes the inquiry on the next Monday 15 october for the confirmation
of the arrest. But at the appointment with the judge he does not come.
And it is not clear if in the cell he was alone or with another
convict.” Officially he was alone-says lawyer Massimo Zaganelli-
because the procedure requires isolation before the meeting with the
gip ( judge)”. On the health of the two investigated persons at the
moment of arrest Mr.Zaganelli has no doubt:” They were taken to the
jail in perfect health and during the trip no hair was torn to them”.
The doubts start later:” According to what we know death is to be
attributed to a not accidental trauma.” The lawyer continues to be
cautious:” It is not good in these case to make two plus two is four -
we are fully confident in the work of the magistrates.”

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