Saturday, 6 October 2007

Purity Check on cannabis?

Well I sit here, wondering why change still hasn't happened in the UK?

Some groups and individuals have been fighting to obtain change for years.

The Legalise Cannabis Campaign was running in the late 70's, and now we have the Legalise Cannabis Alliance.

Although it seems that these days you can attend hemp fairs, dedicated to growing hemp, ( there has been 4 since the first in 2004) The first one in Wembley 2004 and last years in Telford, 2007.

Still despite these events, and the expose of Contaminated grit weed, our goverment will not sanction that you can grow your own without a license from the Home Office.

How do you get one of these? Not so easy, people have tried, and you can try yourself.

Do not hold your breath!

Contaminated Cannabis is not new, this is what we get from lack of controls. ( so much for it being called a controlled drug)

Soap bar is a made up compound or compounds, that may or may not have cannabis in it, this has been shunned on the streets by those in the know, for years, as it may contain other drugs to make you high, not cannabis.

Soap bar has been around since the late 80's, and still is, in various forms, sold cheap in bulk, however its not the golden rule that it stays cheap on the street, as it is often sold as quality hash, to those who don't know, how to tell if good or not.

Black hash, can and has been adulterated by adding oils to increase weight it has been known to add engine oil. whilst cannabis remains illegal, weight is an important variable, and you cannot know whats in it.

It has been said that sand has been added to Cannabis in bud form to increase weight.

This is commonly known as Grit grass.

Cannabis can be obtained in Oil form, this type of cannabis can be upto 40% THC in strength, and has been around for hundreds of years, used by people as a preferential high for many a year now, good if you want a strong smoke , with little effort.

There are various types of cannabis, because of taste, quality, looks, smell.

Cannabis is being used in our society daily, we are not going to stop it!

As a parent, who has realised that the recreational drugs on our existing market, can kill, we all know about Alcohol and Cigarettes being the top killers, however I've just found out that Caffeine, is also a killer, and like the other two, unlike cannabis.

Which gives cannabis the title of the most safest recreation drug going.

Speculation to mental health issues to cannabis, despite nearly 80 years of searching cannabis has never been found to have a link, that may cause any mental illness, is still just pure speculation, with no firm evidence.

So what is our action, as responsible adults in a drug culture, that may be buying contaminated adulterated cannabis ?

Grow your own is the best option! That anyone who looks at the possible costs to health, would advise.

We have links from this site to other sites that will give you a step by step guide to doing this.

Hemp fairs, have become part of our culture, and hemp festivals, are happening all over the world.

With 2.5 to 6 million regular user in the UK, with up to 15 million people who have tried cannabis, we need the right to have good quality.

Small hobbyist grows in the UK are being ignored by certain police forces, although it is a post code lottery, not a certainty.

How do we get real change?

Join the LCA!

Fight for change Now!

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