Monday, 28 January 2008

Letter To A.C.M.D.

dear sir,
i am writing to you to add my complaint about the canabis review
meeting scheduled for the 5th of february 2008 and the fact that you
will not be allowing anyone for the pro side even speak during the
meeting only allowing the oportunity to contibute (how patronising do
you want to get?)in the open forum a pathetic 45mins at the end of the
session at the end of the meeting even though you will be allowing three
speakers from the oppostion to speak for twenty minutes each.
i dare to say that you will not be making this public knowledge as i
would suggest that the whole meeting will be downplayed by the media and
any reports will be carefully doctored to suit your needs as will the
final conclusion reached and the government will surely do what they
like at the end of the day anyway.
how on earth do you expect anyone to take you seriously as an
advisory council when you schedule events that are so obviously biased
as to prove to anyone with a brain that it is simply a chance for the
antidrugs lobbies to get together and sharpen their knives.
for my part i call you a bunch of biased charlatans and suggest that
you are simply a puppet organisation performing to a government that has
already made the decisions and is only using this event as a debate that
it can and will turn to its own advantage and as such would like to
express my disapointment and say that quite unequivocalably i have no
confidence in the outcome of your farcical little debate or in this
governments drug policy, amongst other things.
this manipulation is oh so true of a government that shows it is as
hypocritical, deaf and stupid as it ever was and is now adding
beligerency to its list of talents making me glad to be an ex-pat

yours sincerly

michael r harper
c/valencia 608bis

i have nothing to hide or be ashamed of can the ACMD say the same

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