Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Letter From An Activist

dear friends and fellow campaigners, please look up Andre Fursts new address on the ENCOD thread and write to him. Once you have read his letter you will understand why he needs post.

Freiburg 27.10.07
dear Ingo

Thank you for your amiable words, this is a sunshine in my solitary confinement cell and there is strenght for me.
Excuse me for my english, I write normally in german and french. Excuse also for the long time before my response, I had to organise one translation book before writing.
Now I will also continue one's education to learning english language as a meaning waiting period ( he means to bridge his waiting period).
I am in Switzerland prison, for Farm Hemp and as a natural resource activist I received the highest penalty, more than all indoor dealers, but I only make preventative infos.
The Swiss Parliament propose a new law were THC and all active ingredients are legal, at the same time the Hemp plant banned.
The popular initiative for legalise Hemp, www.PJgD.ch has now been achived, but is still surpressed from the politicians and in the media, they become not platform.( he means that they cannot achieve a platform and news about initiatives are surpressed).
International percetive ( perception) and consideration is really helpfull, maybe you write over that initiative a description on the internet.

The fight go on with freedom to farm
Hempi greetings

PS: Initiative may be on www.projugendshutz.ch

And now for the bit.

I very much hope that many more, who read of the strenght a simple letter can provide in solitary confinement, will take a pen to paper and write a little simple written letter, the more Andre reads, the stronger he will be and his englis will improve as of natural.
I will send him a picture of my Oak tree, something nice to look at


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